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Regular gentle exercise like walking is a reccomended exercise to compliment your Bowen Therapy

Post treatment

Following your treatment specific, gentle stretching exercises may be recommended to aid faster recovery. You will be encouraged:

  • to rest (take it easy),
  • to take leisurely walks,
  • to avoid strenuous exercise,
  • to drink more water,
  • not to apply ice or heat to sore muscles,
  • to avoid hot baths or spas, and
  • to postpone for a week all other forms of manual therapy (i.e. physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage etc).

After a Bowen treatment, you may feel more mobility/less pain straight away. However, it is more common to leave the treatment with the same symptoms you came in with. During the course of the following week the body continues to process the Bowen moves. During this time:

  • the body may try and process latent illnesses,
  • old adhesion may work themselves loose,
  • muscle and nervous tension may get released, and
  • detoxification may occur.

During the first few days after your treatment you may experience a "healing crisis" (where the body releases a mass of toxins in one go), which can result:

  • feeling more emotional,
  • older or latent injuries may temporarily flare up,
  • mild flu like symptoms,
  • feeling stiff all over, and
  • tiredness.

These detox symptoms are all perfectly normal. Drinking more water helps to ease these affects but if in any doubt you can contact your therapist, who will be happy to reassure you.

The body may continue to release toxins, muscle and nerve tension for up to 7 -10 days after your treatment, therefore your next Bowen treatment is not normally scheduled before this time.

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