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"I've noticed the results in a short period of time."
Danielle, a nutritionist researcher

A client's leg is being slowly lowered after a Bowen move has been performed.

Client testimonials

The following testimonials exhibit some of the results I have achieved with the Bowen technique. It is important to remember that just because a condition has responded favourably to the Bowen technique, there is no guarantee that the same result is achieved for somebody else with similar symptoms.

Scott, a Financial Controller, broke his jaw in a cycling accident two months before discovering the Bowen technique. He came to see me for 3 treatments.

"I am writing to express my thanks for your helping in treating me following my bike accident. As you know, I broke my jaw and had to keep it immobile for around six weeks, eating only soft food.

A few weeks after this my jaw had not realigned, and my bite was crooked. In fact I couldn’t clench my teeth at all.

Following the Bowen session on my jaw, I was conscious of how my jaw was mis-aligned and was able to close my bite properly for the first time since the accident, and it has been fine ever since.

Thank you very much for your help and treatment, which was very professional, enthusiastic and caring."

Jessica, a 27 year old Financial Analyst, has had asthma for a few years and regular reoccurrences of cystitis. She undertook 6 treatments with me.

"I had been having quite serious asthma attacks when Mariann suggested that Bowen might help?! I went for 6 sessions of Bowen treatment and during this time I hardly used my asthma pump at all and I didn't get any chest infections that had been reoccurring for years. I had also been a regular sufferer of cystitis which did not return during this time. Actually, it has been a few months and still no cystitis, no chest infection and I only used my inhaler a handful of times! I found Bowen a non-invasive form of bodywork therapy which strengthened my immune system and was overly happy with Mariann's professionalism and technique."

Jason, an IT Manager had a range of problems from his hip, ankle, back and wrist. He received 8 treatments.

"I came across Bowen purely by accident! I had back and hip pain for years and had been to Remedial massage therapists, sports injury therapists, Chiropractors, Had Bone Scans, Physiotherapists as well as having Thai massage. None of these worked. 14 years I had been in pain for! It used take me 45 minutes to get up in the morning. I had my first treatment and for 3 days was sick as a dog. I felt like I had flu. I was prepared for this though as Mariann had told me this was a side effect. I then had 2 more treatments and the pain went away. Mariann is a genius I do not know what she does but it works."

Amy, a Senior Asbestos Consultant was seven months pregnant with her first child and was suffering from some of the usual discomforts associated with pregnancy. I treated her 6 times.

"I started Bowen therapy with Mariann at 30 weeks pregnant for 6 weeks on the lead up to maternity leave. I was experiencing many of the usual pregnancy complaints such as backache, oedema, sciatica, constipation as well as a reoccurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome which I have had for many years.

Following the initial treatment I experienced a complete improvement with regards to carpal tunnel as well as a significant improvement in all other symptoms. I was impressed at just how quickly an improvement could be felt how long the effects lasted, especially considering the daily changes your body experiences during pregnancy.

I also found that the therapy was a welcome hour where I could switch off and relax, and would result in a much better nights sleep because of it! I would highly recommend it for pregnancy and would not think twice about seeking treatment for future pregnancies."

Robert, a Disability Officer, torn a meniscus in his right knee 5 months before his first Bowen treatment. The only time his knee was not painful, when he was at rest. He had only 4 treatments.

"I am pleased to say that I feel your treatments were very beneficial for my knee and it continued to improve after our sessions. I went from not being able to walk properly to moving without a limp. I was aware of the beneficial effects of the therapy right from the start and this continued through the treatments. I appreciate the time you took to find out about every aspect of my condition and your enthusiasm is very refreshing. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends, and in fact I have done so several times already."

Beatrice, a data administrator, found it difficult to speak due to tension in the jaw area and also had a noticeable overbite. After just a few sessions she wanted to talk to everybody! In the end, she enjoyed Bowen so much that whenever she felt a little ‘’out of sort’’ she came back for a Bowen ‘’top-up’’!

"I'd been given a recommendation to try Bowen for jaw misalignment. The Bowen moves which Mariann applied were very successful in managing to release a block, regain better mobility and speech plus get in touch with background causes. I have found this Technique to be practical, effective & inspiring."

Louise, a Marketing Coordinator, found it difficult to walk due to sharp pain in her knee. She had 7 treatments.

"I was having terrible pain in the centre of my knee when I was walking up stairs and it was affecting me terribly. Mariann's holistic approach to my treatment meant that after only four treatments, she had completely fixed my knee. I have had no reoccurrence of the pain since my final treatment over three months ago. I actually miss my treatments as my experience of Bowen Technique and Mariann's skill provided me and my brain a period of complete rest at least once a week."

Mandy, a Receptionist, received 8 treatments. She was suffering from cramps in her legs and acid reflux.

"Having never even heard of Bowen Technology before this year, I was intrigued by the whole concept. Mariann's approach whilst being totally professional is also friendly and reassuring and after having treatment from her I can honestly say that she has succeeded where traditional medicine failed dismally. The crippling cramp in my legs that I used to suffer from several times a week has all but vanished as have my digestive problems which tended to keep me awake the moment my head hit the pillow every night. I am absolutely thrilled and cannot recommend her highly enough."

Mark, a Senior Sustainability Consultant in his late twenties had been living with insomnia since he was 16 years old. He received 6 initial treatments over a 10 week period and on-going treatment as needed.

I was initially a bit sceptical as to whether a light touch therapy could cause significant benefits to someone whose had insomnia for many years.

However, seeing Mariann definitely has resulted in me being more relaxed when asleep, and generally sleeping much better.

Although I don't really have chronic insomnia anymore I still see her occasionally (once every couple of months or so) just to keep a tune up, in my busy, and not always very healthy life! I recommend anyone who complains about any kind of ailment to see Mariann, my bets are that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer, a HR Coordinator, has been suffering from abdominal, knee, back, neck and hand pain, as well as bloating and low energy. I treated her 16 times over a period of seven month and this is what she had to say:

"Mariann asked me to be her case study while she was still studying Bowen. I was suffering with severe stomach pains and also had a problem with my knee and pains in the upper back /shoulders area. I also felt completely drained of energy. Only after a few sessions with Mariann I started feeling full of energy. My stomach and my knee got a lot better and I felt I got a new lease of life. I continued with the treatment and started feeling so well that I decided to go on a rambler’s holiday to Spain for 2 weeks. We walked for miles every day and I not only managed to keep up with everyone - I actually even walked around in our free time. I suddenly realised towards the end of my holiday that I did not have any pain in my knee despite all the walking whereas before even a walk in the park would require me to stop several times to massage my knee and to get it pushed into place.

Thank you Mariann. You have changed my life."

Stella, an Environmental Consultant had a painful forearm and elbow. She had 4 treatments.

"I received Bowen Treatment initially to relieve pains in my forearm and elbow, however during the course of the treatment other issues came to light and I ended up having lower back and leg treatment as well. The whole process was very relaxing and Mariann explained comprehensively how Bowen works, what she would be doing and the likely sensations and post-treatment effects you may experience. The treatment lasted around 6 weeks and on the last treatment I found that I had relaxed so much that I even fell asleep! The results speak for themselves, I have not experienced elbow pain since the treatment and the pains I had in my calf muscles has also gone, something I test regularly by mountain climbing. I would recommend Bowen to anyone who is experiencing strains and nerve related pains, it has worked for me and the treatment carried out by Mariann was professional and effective."

Danielle, a nutritionist researcher, found herself "holding her body lopsided" and experienced mild pain around her mid-body. She had 2 treatments.

"I went to Mariann with a slight scoliosis and constant feeling of being "twisted" misaligned and "blocked" and I came away feeling aligned, light, happy, and as if my body had been let out of its cage and set free. I didn’t know what Bowen was or how it worked, but all I can say is it has transformed the way I feel and I’ve noticed real results in a short period of time."

Helen, a Personal Assistant who works in London, has been affected by troublesome bloating for a number of years. She received 4 initial treatments and on-going treatments as needed.

"My first experience with Bowen was when I helped Mariann with her training; she asked if she could practice her Bowen techniques on me.

I have problems with my stomach, and often felt very bloated. I didn’t believe that Bowen could help, but after my second session I definitely felt the difference.

Over the last year a have had a number of Bowen sessions with Mariann and I have seen her grow in confidence and professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending Mariann as a Bowen therapist to anyone."

Charlie, aged 40 had a "bad back". After 2 sessions he sent me the following email, which is published here with his kind permission.

"As you know on my 2nd session I was already starting to feel better. I had meant to book a 3rd but when the time came around I had made such a recovery that there didn't seem to be any point in doing so.

My experience of the treatment has left me feeling great but somewhat perplexed. I really enjoyed meeting you and talking about all the various issues to do with the treatment and other related stuff. However, regarding the treatment itself I didn't notice any physiological effects whatsoever. None of the 'tingling' sensations or muscular effects you described.

Compared to other physical treatments I've had in the past, such as massage or reflexology, the 'moves' that you did were so light and intangible that I wondered how on earth they could have any effect on my condition.

But, and this is a big 'but', the results have proved to be remarkably effective. Basically, I've had no problems at all since the 2nd treatment. I've been doing loads of physical activities since and there has been no pain, no twinges or relapses at all. Some of my work involves big IT installations, very heavy lifting - up to 30-40 kgs at a time - and last week I spent 7 hours digging a vegetable garden.

I'm still a bit puzzled to be honest. Being a logical, rational being at heart, I wondered how much was to do with the natural healing process, how much was to do with the body/mind awareness issues after discussing these things with you, and how much it was to do with the actual treatment itself.

However all this taken into account, I believe that it was the right decision to come to you. I feel that you have a natural gift to identify what's wrong, empathize and 'heal' your patients. You made me feel very relaxed and after visiting you for a couple of times, I have never felt better!

So, with all my rational/sceptical biases taken into account, I want to thank you for everything and I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend your services to anyone I meet.

As a final word, I guess the bottom line is, would I come back for another treatment if I had the same problem with my back? And the answer is an unequivocal yes."

Eugene, aged 39, once was fit enough to run a marathon but recently noticed that after just 15 minutes run there was a discomfort in his calf and nothing he did would make it go away. Here's his very short but telling response after just one Bowen session!

"The session was very good. The calves symptom improved and seems to be resolved now."

Francesca was pregnant with her first baby and started suffering from morning sickness in her 2nd trimester. She had one Bowen session.

"At around 5 months into my pregnancy, my morning sickness came back with a vengeance. After a week of throwing up everyday I was completely exhausted. Mariann then suggested she try Bowen technique on me to see if that could alleviate the symptoms. I was a bit sceptical at first, and the next day I threw up even more violently than I had previously. I told Mariann this and was assured that an initial adverse reaction could be expected, and was the Bowen treatment working to help cleanse my system. True to her word, even though I had thrown up quite violently I didn't feel exhausted like I had on previous occasions. And following that one off incident, I didn't experience any further morning sickness throughout the rest of my pregnancy and in fact felt more energised to enjoy the 2nd and 3rd trimester."

Francesca gave birth to baby Gerard and soon noticed that her son was not a "happy" baby. I've only done a few moves on baby Gerard on two occasions and here's what Francesca had to say.

"Following the birth of my son, he developed colic and wind problems: screaming for hours each day, back arching, drawing his legs in to his stomach, turning bright red while trying to pass wind each day. Mariann again suggested a course of Bowen to help sort out his digestive system. Following two sessions of Bowen (at about 10-11 weeks age) I've noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour and temperament. He is now much more clam during the day. Sure he still cries every now and then, BUT he is no longer in pain trying to pass wind (and even at times smiles while farting - a massive improvement!). He is also now happy to be in his pram going for trips out; whereas before he would scream and arch his back a lot if he was awake in the pram. Although each day is a change and new experience with my son, I am sure that part of his huge improvement over the last week is thanks to Mariann and the Bowen treatment she provided. I would definitely recommend Bowen treatment to others suffering from morning sickness and grumpy babies!"

Katalin is a 36 year old English language teacher in Hungary and has a 4 year old daughter Ottilia. Since her pregnancy Katalin has been suffering from panic attacks. When I saw her she also mentioned that her daughter had been suffering from growing pains. Due to time restrictions I only treated Katalin twice and Ottilia once for about 5-10 minutes each time. Here's Katalin's comment:

"I first met with this treatment a week ago. I've got some problem with my autonomic nervous system. I take some medicine for this regularly. Mariann gave me a treatment and my mental state get better after 5 days. My panic disorder lever is lower and I feel better :). Mariann did the 'Baby Bowen" therapy and the knee procedure to my little daughter. She has got growing pain in her legs. She usually cried a lot mainly at night because of the pain. Our nights are better now, the pain has gone. Thank you:))"

Wendy is retired and has been walking with a stick for three years. I've been treating her for over 2 years.

"Thanks Mariann, I think I should take this opportunity to say how much I appreciated the treatment I am receiving. I know that my condition is chronic and one could be forgiven for feeling that it is beyond help. However, right from my first appointment I have experienced an easing of pain and slowly greater mobility. To have a foreshortened leg slowly lengthen itself is wonderful indeed! Not only do I recommend Bowen as a therapy - I am delighted to recommend you as an excellent practitioner. Thank you for your continued help."

NB - Names have been changed to protect client identity
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