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"’I went from not being able to walk properly to moving without a limp."
Robert, Disability Officer

A Bowen practitioner performing moves on the calf. Mariann Stewart BSc, BTAA
Bowen Practitioner

Welcome to Therapeutic Bowen

The Bowen technique is a very gentle, non-invasive complementary modality. It is suitable from the newborn babies through to the elderly and may address a wide range of symptoms.

Some of the symptoms the Bowen technique may help you with are listed below. The list is not exhaustive!

  • muscular or skeletal pain e.g. sciatica, coccyx pain, hip and knee problems, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfer elbow, bunions, hammer toes,
  • poor mobility e.g. caused by stroke, surgery,
  • digestive and bowel problems e.g. bloating, acid reflux,
  • respiratory problems e.g. hay fever,
  • earache, tinnitus and tension in the jaw,
  • migraines and other types of headaches,
  • infertility and menstrual problems,
  • discomforts experienced during and after pregnancy e.g. swelling of ankles, backache, tiredness, and
  • problems experienced with newborn babies e.g. colic, feeding difficulties.

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